Ya think so, detective?

As I’m sitting on the Hall of Fame’s website waiting for them to annouce the Veterans’ Committee inductees, I look at the latest headlines in the lower lefthand corner. One of them is “Maddux to retire Monday; Hall could beckon”

As a cautious sort, I would like to praise the Hall of Fame for not making any unwarranted assumptions and prudently inserting the word “could.” I mean, it’s entirely possible that Maddux could gun down a playground full of special needs kids between now and his year of eligibility, and boy, wouldn’t the Hall’s web staff have on egg on its collective faces then!

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  1. Aaron said...

    The only game worth playing is betting on what % Maddux gets when he’s elected. He’ll go in his first year, has the milestones, everyone loves the guy, and he has no steroid taint.


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