Yankees get their man

The Yankees signed first round pick Slade Heathcott for $2.2 million. I don’t particularly care about that. I post this mostly to register my surprise that “Slade Heathcott” is a ballplayer’s name and not the name of, say, a rakish dandy with ulterior motives attempting to woo a wealthy widow in late Victorian England.

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  1. KR said...

    Speaking of draftee’s names, the Red Sox signed a 5th or so pick named “Seth Schwindenhammer”. I really hope a) he makes the majors, and b) at some point before then, the Sox trade for Saltalamacchia, because a Schwindenhammer/Saltalamacchia combo might even beat out the classic 2006 Royals combo of Mientkiewicz/Grudzielanek.

  2. Levi Stahl said...

    No reason Slade Heathcott can’t find time to be a rakish dandy in the offseason, Craig. We can at least hope, right?

  3. Aaron Vowels said...

    We used to make fun of a guy at Triple-A Louisville when I interned for the Bats in 2003.  It was Stephen Smitherman and in the pressbox we referred to him as “Smitherman, of the East Hampton Smithermans”, even though he’s from Oklahoma.  We thought it was funny.  Mostly we made fun of him because he groused about his intro music and he wasn’t hitting above the Mendoza line that year.  The organist instituted a “must hit above .270 to complain about intro music” rule.

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