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Baseball is my sport, but NBC pays me, so I’m torn:

In a television matchup of New York sports teams, baseball’s Yankees were more popular than football’s Giants.

The Yankees earned an 11.4 rating for their Game 6 victory last night over the Los Angeles Angels in the American League Championship Series, shown on News Corp.’s Fox. The rating is based on the U.S.’s top-56 metered markets. The Yankees advanced to the World Series for the first time since 2003.

The Giants, who lost to the Arizona Cardinals 24-17 last night at Giants Stadium, drew 10.4 million viewers on NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” broadcast, NBC Sports spokesman Adam Freifeld said in an e-mail.

But with all due respect to my NBC overlords, anyone watching the Giants and the Cardinals over the Yankees-Angels who wasn’t being paid to do so needs their head examined.

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  1. Stultus Magnus said...

    That’s surprising to me. The Yanks are one win away from going to the WS and 10.4 million people were watching some mid-season football match up?

    On another blog I was reading around the 7th inning last night some commenter was giving Giants updates.

    Who freaking cares!?

  2. Hizouse said...

    I watched a lot of the football game, mostly because I could watch an entire series in the time it took Pettitte to bob his head 5 times with a runner on first before the batter finally called timeout.

  3. Carlos said...

    I flipped back and forth between innings. Cards/Giants ended up being more entertaining for me. Then again I am a die hard yankee hater.

  4. DonCoburleone said...

    Uh, news flash guys, the NFL dominates TV in this country the same way baseball did 50 years ago. If it wasn’t for introducing my brother and 2 of my close friends to fantasy baseball 2 years ago they wouldn’t watch baseball at all anymore. 

    I appreciate and follow most sports (not big on NBA, college basketball or Soccer) but when it comes to MLB, NFL, college football, and the NHL I am die hard for all of them.  That said, there is no doubt in my mind that football is far superior to any of those other sports on television, and it ain’t close…

  5. Jack Marshall said...

    Each to his own, DonCoburleone. Me, I find watching the NFL send their over-fed zombie steers into combat to get the mob roaring, at the cost of dementia-producing head trauma, like watching paint dry, with little extra touches of sadism and sadness mixed in.

  6. Simon DelMonte said...

    The entire NYC audience for the game was made of Mets fans who like football. 

    Too bad it was a bit of deja vu to watch another injury-depleted team.

  7. kendynamo said...

    im sure there were plenty of giants fans who arent yankees fans who had a pretty easy decision.  i did not watch the yankees game until after the giants game ended because screw the yankees.  but if i were a yankee fan, or if it were the mets in a game 6 with a 3-2 lead, i’d probably watch more of the giants game than the playoff baseball game.  im also an out of market giants fan so i dont get to see as many giants games at home.  if it were a world series game or if it was game 7 then id probably watch more of the baseball game.  either way id do plenty of flipping, its not like both broadcasts dont have copious commercial breaks.

  8. Bret said...

    Ummmmm…you guys weren’t watching the New England Revolution/Columbus Crew affair over on ESPN2?  The game had playoff implications!

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