Draft Time!

The MLB Draft is starting up in a few minutes and I just thought I’d share my major thoughts before it starts …

– Word is that Jered Weaver and Stephen Drew, if not chosen first by San Diego, will freefall down the draft board thanks to their bonus demands. I’m a little surprised that San Diego, with their new ballpark, contending team and new revenue, would not be willing to shell out the big bucks for the guy they really want at the top of the draft. Of course, it’s very possible “the guy they really want” is neither Weaver or Drew.

– If Jered Weaver slides all the way to the Yankees, as Baseball America is now projecting, I quit (or at least that’s what I told Larry Mahnken when he asked me if I’d seen BA’s projection). That’s just not how the draft should work, although I’m not entirely sure how you can “fix” it. The best players should go to the worst teams, which is why the worst teams have the highest picks. Weaver dropping to the Yanks (or the Dodgers or the Red Sox, or whatever rich team) just stinks.

– For my favorite team, the Twins, I’m hoping they can nab U of Minnesota hurler Glen Perkins with one of the billion picks in the first two rounds, and I’m also hoping the front office goes through with their talk about drafting a few middle infielders (although it would be nice if one were from college and somewhat close to the majors).

– And here’s one prediction: The A’s will take at least one high school player in the first two rounds.

For more on the draft, check out Craig Burley’s NCAA adjusted stats, including his Top 250 Hitters and his complete database of NCAA pitchers and hitters.

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