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Lots of content today, so instead of writing a joke, the joke will be just how panicky I get to finish the recaps of it before my son wakes up, demands his Cheerios, and yells at me to “get off the ‘puter, Daddy!”

  • Jon Weisman has five questions about the Los Angeles Dodgers. Question number six: Does the 100 Things Dodger Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die include drinking heavily upon realizing that Jeff Weaver made the roster of a team that’s supposed to compete for the pennant?
  • Steve Treder continues his look at Branch Rickey’s years with the Pirates. Little known fact: in addition to inventing the modern farm system and integrating baseball, Rickey could eat 50 hard-boiled eggs in an hour and once saved the local community center from destruction by organizing a break dancing and hip hop show with his friends.
  • Harry Pavlidis uses Pitch f/x to profile Shairon Martis and Nick Adenhart. Careful Harry: the last guy who did that around here disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Rumors have it that he joined some tropical cult.
  • Evan Brunell has five questions for the Philadelphia Phillies. Question number six: Do the Phillies retain their title if they lose on a disqualification, or must they be beaten by pinfall?
  • Over at Fantasy Focus, Paul Singman updates the THT fantasy player rankings. I used the last version of this as a cheat sheet for my Yahoo! draft. If I crash and burn in that league, I’m going to blame some of the people in this room. And that I do not forgive.
  • Finally, Eriq Gardner helps you figure out when to cut bait on useless dudes on your fantasy roster. No, Jimmy Gobble is not coming around. Yes, you can still call your team the Jimmy Gobble Experience.
  • Whew! Made it. Now to the Cheerios.

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    1. Todd said...

      Hey now, Jeff Weaver helped pitch the Cardinals to a World Series championship in 2006. Fluke, you say? Nonsense!

    2. blaze said...

      Another little-known fact: Branch Rickey and the Governor of the Great State of Ohio both grew up on Duck Run in Scioto County.

    3. Andy L said...

      I see a Cool Hand Luke reference, and it seems to be paired with a Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo reference.  Yes, I specifically looked up the movie on Wikipedia to figure that one out.

      I didn’t think anyone had actually seen the movie; I just thought we found it fun to make fun of the title.

    4. Craig Calcaterra said...

      Very observant, grasshopper. But did you see the Godfather reference?  It’s there.

      And let’s be honest: I’m 35 years-old, and Breakin’ 2 was on HBO about 138 times a month for a while there in the mid 80s.  I probably watched it 135 of those times, and got a little misty each and every time Turbo, Ozone and Kelly saved the Help Center.

      Bonus: Ice T in neon!

    5. YankeesfanLen said...

      “And that I do not forget” easy one.
      But more importantly, Jeff Weaver for the Dodgers- has long term memory loss descended on Joe Torre?  Whenever he came in, he was automatically put in my patented “dipsy dumpster” which included yelling at John and Susan (or was it Charley back then?) on the radio.  Similar fate always befell Farnsworth.
      Actually saw Weaver win a game at OYS, wasn’t his fault, it was a make up for a rain postponement and no one was paying attention.

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